Adwerx Review: A Digital Ad Service For Agents

Adwerx Reviews – Offering Digital Ads That Target Your Zip Code.
Setup An Ad: Inside it’s very easy to use.  Just upload an image.  Type a few lines and then add the URL (website address) of where you want the traffic to go after somebody clicks your new ad.
Types Of Ads: I’ve seen ads specifically for one listing.  You can certainly impress a seller with it.  They can see some marketing at work.  Also can help with your listing presentation pitch.  Simply ad it as part of your marketing plan and show a quick example to the homeowner. Tech-savvy sellers will appreciate it.
 You can also setup ads for “Brand Building”.  Which is the typical ad you see on Adwerx.  The issue I have found with it is the common mistake agents make using Adwerx (or any other Digital Ads).  The problem is the page where they are sending the traffic.


Here Is An example:

I found this Adwerx Ad recently while browsing websites in Indian Wells, CA.  It’s promoting a listing for the agent:
Adwerx Ad Problem
Its an nice size ad. Color. Photo of property and agent.  Agent contact info.  A lot of good things going on here.  However, when I click the ad it goes here:
This is just an awful landing page.  After clicking the ad I’m on a page that looks like it was created in 1998.  Very small text. No agent information to be found (until you scroll to bottom). And the images are close to thumbnail size.
The agent does a nice job with the digital ad from Adwerx but dropped the ball with the landing page (where the traffic goes after the click).


Where To Send Traffic:

Set up a clean landing page specifically for the ad. That’s the best advice I can give you.  For a listing a page that really highlights the property with large photos and description of the property.


Building Your Brand With Adwerx

One of the nice features with Adwerx is the ability to place your ad in front of your contacts.   They use the email addresses of your contacts as identifiers and display your ad in front of them.    It’s a passive way to place your business in front of your contacts.
It’s explained here on the Adwerx site:


What About Lead Generation?

Potential as a lead generating tool is there for any agent. Adwerx provides a tremendous opportunity for lead generation.  I believe most think its more about brand building but this article  on the Realtor Community at ActiveRain really spells out the importance of the landing page and where you’re sending the traffic.   This is right on the money.  Not just with Adwerx.   It’s true with any online Ad.  Any marketing really.
The article from ActiveRain can be seen here: Adwerx Review: Does It Work For Agents?


Cost Of Adwerx 

Its varies based on your market but it’s very reasonable.   You have to go to their site and contact them for the rates in your area.


Overall Grade:

We like the value and benefits from Adwerx and see it as a useful piece of a balanced Realtor marketing plan.    It should not be the only piece.  Also, make sure you are sending the traffic to a page that displays you and your properties in a good light.  Seems basic but many miss it with online Ads.