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Best Facebook Group For Realtors: Lab Coat Agents


Lab Coat Agents?

It’s one of the best online resources for Realtors.

What is it?  It’s a Facebook Group for Realtors.  Not just any group.  They have 30,000+ Realtors in the group with many offering great advice to any and all questions posted on the page.



Inside Lab Coat Agents you’ll find a lot of talk about marketing, lead generation methods, and cold calling techniques.  Its an active page.  Drop a question on the page and you may get 20+ comments within an hour.

They have some sponsored content from marketing companies.  I believe they have some affiliate deals setup with a few. Most of these companies provide quality educational content.  The group running Lab Coat Agents also provide a number of free webinars.  Here’s the lineup of free webinars for June 2017:



Lab Coats Agents is a great place to stop by for Realtors.  You’ll find value here with the posts from other Realtors and the occasional webinar like you see below.


 Next time you’re on Facebook, check our Lab Coat Agents:





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