ExpressCopy: Our Best Printing Company For Realtors



Quality printing at great prices especially for direct mail pieces.   Fast delivery too. Here is a promo code and page to save 30% on your first order.  The promo code is PAP30.  

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Here is an outline of some of the ExpressCopy services that are useful for Realtors:

Postcard Mailing

We offer two postcard mailing services – EDDM and Direct Mail. EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is a mailing to a carrier route that serves as a simple way to blanket an area – also known as Saturation Mailing.

Direct Mail is a targeted mailing to an address list using First Class or Bulk postage. Minimums: EDDM (200) Direct Mail (10)

Direct Mail:



Targeted Mailing Lists

Customers can purchase mailing lists directly through their expresscopy account. Addresses can be found by zip code, radius, or by manually drawing out the targeted area using the mapping tool. As the customer applies geographic and demographic criteria, the address count displays and updates in real time.

Once a list is purchased on an order, the list will become available in the account for the customer to download. Examples of the demographic filters available are income level, home value, owner vs. renter, and length of residence. Please keep in mind we also have business lists for any commercial real estate agents you might send our way!


Variable Data and pURL

As a digital printer, we’re capable of including personalized information into the body of a postcard. For example, we can include the recipients’ name, property address, pURL, etc. into the actual text on a postcard, making each card unique to that specific contact. This doesn’t create any extra labor on the agents end, but is certainly recommended to help boost lead capture!


Free Templates

We have thousands of templates available on our site that are quick and easy to customize and order. Some of the popular categories include Real Estate, Financial Services, Insurance, Mortgage, etc. Some are simple and don’t require much editing and others are more complex and personal.