BoldLeads Review: A Cost Comparison

BoldLeads offers a number of useful features to help real estate agents generate leads and build their business.  However, the issue for us comes with this question: “Is the cost to use BoldLeads excessive?”
They have a few packages with least expensive starting at $299/month.  If you want a package that includes both buyer and seller landing pages you are going to have to pay $589/month or with an annual plan $6,000 (or $500/month).   


Two Points To Cover

There are two important points to make with this BoldLeads Review.   The first one? The  effectiveness of “Real Estate Landing Pages” and how they can add value to your real estate business. 




With the correct setup real estate landing pages provide instant lead generation, create valuable marketing lists, and build your brand in your local market.  The basic setup of an effective real estate landing page consists of:
  1. A value proposition – Offering something of value on the page
  2. Clean design that does nothing but highlight the offer and direct the viewer to a lead capture page.
The page designs from BoldLeads  cover these two bases.  They have buyer and seller landing pages designed with a value offer and lead capture in place.  So on the first point of this review, they get an A+ from us.


Questions About Cost:

The 2nd point to cover is the cost of the service (especially when compared to similar services).  The BoldLeads option with buyer and seller lead generation costs $589/month.  That’s pretty steep for the web setup for real estate landing pages, hosting, email marketing, etc.
With any landing page, including in the real estate niche, you need to take steps to drive traffic to the page.  Often, a big part of this, is paid ads such as Facebook Ads or Google Pay-Per-Click.  The cost of BoldLeads does not cover the ad cost.  They do help with managing ads but we feel you would be better served taking that extra monthly dough and using it on ad costs.


The Cost Comparison

Lets take a look a less expensive real estate landing page service at This service offers unlimited real estate landing pages for both buyers and sellers.  It offers hosting and built in email marketing for each page.  It also has Facebook integrated pages to use with Facebook ads.  And the cost of this service?  Well…lets just say it offers a nice cost saving option for you.
Take a look at this cost comparison between BoldLeads and postAprop:
  • BoldLeads: $589/month
  • postAprop: $299/year
In other words, the cost of 15 days of BoldLeads = 1 FULL YEAR of postAprop. 
Or another way to compare: postAprop monthly cost is $25/month.  BoldLeads?  Its 20 times higher.  Yes, 20x. How about $25/month vs nearly $600/month.
Over the course of one year, you can save $5700 by using postAprop instead of Bold Leads.   


COST COMPARISON: BoldLeads vs postAprop


$589/month or $25/month?  The difference is…$5,700/year!

Would it work better for your real estate business to take that extra $5700 and use it on marketing of the lead capture pages.  Think about another $5700 to use on Facebook ads?   That would certainly drive a lot of quality traffic to your lead capture pages. 
The bottom line with this BoldLeads Review is it is an effective way to generate leads but the question is can you do it in a more cost-effective manner?  Our answer to that question is yes. 
If you’re in the market for real estate landing pages then take a little time and compare benefits/cost of the 2 services listed here.  Visit  Then visit  Compare the features and cost and I think you’ll find your answer.
If you use BoldLeads, let us know how its working for you in the comments below.