Facebook Marketing For Realtors

Here is a little something on Facebook Marketing.  Called the “Facebook Action Plan” from postAprop.


We found a useful how to video and guide right here:


The content was pulled from a recent article on Inman News about Facebook marketing for agents.  Has some examples in the video and guide that can be helpful to any agent who wants to use Facebook for lead generation and business building.




What you’ll find in the video & guide?
Useful tips to help Realtors use Facebook more effectively.   One of the key points is how to setup the right real estate landing page to use on Facebook.  This includes the “Continue With Facebook” option you should have on any landing page used on Facebook.
This important points are covered:
  1. The value of Facebook marketing for agents
  2. Steps to setup a Facebook campaign for real estate lead generation.
  3. Examples of proven Facebook campaigns pulled from Inman News Special Report
  4. Includes suggested improvements for these Facebook marketing campaigns.
  5. Link to live page examples.
  6. Importance of using a landing page that is integrated with Facebook.  
Video is direct and to the point.  Same for the guide.  No optin required to get it.  Just visit this page, click play, then download the free guide.  Click Here: Facebook Landing Pages For Realtors
Check it out and pass it on…