Inman Review: Get On The Email List

inman-header – They provide quality real estate content for not only Realtors but all real estate professionals.  Topics covered include marketing, technology, product reviews, current news, and guest articles by real estate experts.
They offer a subscription plan but also provide a limited selection of free content.  At the very least,  get on their email list and see if the content is something you need.  They send out regular emails with links to the free content and a brief summary of the paid content.
Inman has a few regional options or a national option to choose during signup.  On the home page click the “EDITION” tab and drop down to NATIONAL or one of the local options.   See screenshot below for the current options:




Inman Select – Subscription Plan

They have a SELECT subscription program that costs $20/month.  It gives you access to all of their guides such as tech reviews.


The SELECT plan includes video training and podcasts.  See a summary and plan features here:
On this page you’ll find 3 SELECT subscriptions to choose from that starts at $20/month.   If you’re not sure if it’s a good fit for you, start by signing up for their free newsletter.  I’ve done this for the past few months and found some value in the daily emails from INMAN.  On occasion, they send promo codes for discounts on the SELECT programs.
Our advice is to start with Inman with the email list.   You can find the subscribe button on the top left of the home page.  Check out the screenshot below to see it: