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LionDesk Review: Real Estate CRM Offers Value

LionDesk-LogoLionDesk is a customer relationshop management (CRM) designed to help real estate agents, brokers, Realtors, and teams manage their leads, contacts, and offers a transaction management solution 
The service provides video email, video text, email features that can be useful for agents to build a successful business.  One of the best features of LionDesk is the cost.  The service is robust but also offers tremendous value.
Another key feature allows users to easily import leads from 3rd party sources such as Zillow, Trulia,, as well as IDX website solutions, and real estate landing page services such as postAprop. This helps users automatically stay in touch with clients and leads.  
We asked a few users for feedback .  Here are some comments from real estate agents on LionDesk:
  • Agent Scott Gilbert mentioned these 3 benefits: “cost effective Text2Sell numbers and Video Texting” makes LionDesk a great tool.
  • Julie Battles said ,” –easy to use,-amazing features that make my life easier = WIN, -doesn’t cost an arm and a leg”
  • Jason Sulifay said “Simplistic yet loaded with features, and API integrations make it easy to use with other programs”
  • Derek Lievens mentioned “Price for the value and features cant be beat…”

Summary Of Features:

Best features of LionDesk
  • Video Emails
  • Video Texting
  • 3rd Party Lead Importing
  • Property Management
  • Property Task Plans
  • Text 2 Sell
  • Email with Autoresponder
  • Lead Distribution
  • Document Management
  • Email Tracking
  • Automatic Outbound Call Tracking
  • Team Contact Sharing
  • Deal and Pipeline Management

3rd Party Integration:

Integrating with 3rd party services is a key component.   In most cases you simply have to create an API key inside your LionDesk account.  With this API key you can take it to a 3rd party web service and simply paste it to connect the service. 
One example of this comes from postAprop.  This is a real estate landing page service that collects buyer and seller leads for agents.  By simply pasting the LionDesk API in your account with postAprop you can automatically import the leads into your LionDesk account. 
Here is a blog post on integrating LionDesk:


Cost & Value:

We may have saved the best for last?  The cost.  It’s only $25/month.  Check out the Facebook page for LionDesk for even more feedback from users on the quality and value of the service:
Click here for LionDesk facebook:
Visit their site for more information: