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postAprop Review: Real Estate Landing Page Help For Agents?

Our postAprop review started by reading this:



We got this screenshot from a 3D flip guide promoting postAprop.  Can you see it?  You get unlimited squeeze pages(AKA landing pages), single property sites, and personal agent sites.  With email marketing and hosting.  And you get all of that at what price?

Under $40/month.  Or even less with an annual plan.

There’s a lot you can do with that list of features.  The pitch from postAprop revolves around these 5 points:

  1. Easy-To-Use

  2. Proven Lead Generation Marketing

  3. Low Cost Of Service

  4. Not Just Landing Pages

  5. Email Marketing – Autoresponder, drip email campaigns, and email blast.

Watching the demo on the postAprop site brings viewers inside the system and shows them how to create a real estate landing page with the service.  It amounts to nothing more then picking a design and clicking a button.  Then use the online editor to customize the page. No downloading.  No plugins to deal with.   With hosting and email marketing in place, setup of the landing pages is very easy.


Facebook and postAprop

One of the key features of the service is the ability for agents to setup and manage Facebook integrated landing pages.  The benefit for agents here is the direct lead capture from Facebook.  These types of landing pages eliminate the need for an “Optin Form”,  Instead, the lead only needs to click and the lead is captured.


Here is a blog post & how to video on using these Facebook pages: http://postaprop.com/blog/facebook-landing-page-for-real-estate/


Content In Place

One way that postAprop has added value for Realtors is the existence of real estate content to offer on the lead pages.   The pages have reports for buyers and sellers, matching graphics, and clean page designs that make an attractive package for Realtors looking for an easy-to-use method of creating real estate landing pages.

Complete Real Estate Landing Pages
Complete Real Estate Landing Pages

Pages are in place for first time buyers, first time sellers, FSBO, expired listings, 2017 buyer and seller reports, and pages to generate leads from sellers offering “Home Value Reports”, updates on current sales with “Just Sold” pages.

Here is an example of the “Home Value Landing Page”.

review postAprop.com

Another key point? Proven lead generation.  On an Inman.com review of postAprop, they talked about the sound marketing method offered by postAprop.

“It bears repeating: Landing pages with free content in exchange for personal information is a proven marketing tactic to accompany banner and paid search advertising.”Inman.com Review Of postAprop


Email Marketing

The email marketing feature:  The email marketing and database sends instant messages to new leads, drip email campaigns can be created for each page, and you can send email blasts to each database of leads.  Each user can send up to 100,000 emails/month.  This is in place at no extra cost.

For comparisons purposes, many email marketing programs such as Aweber, Get Response, etc, will charge you $50/month and more for this type of email capability. At postAprop, it’s part of the package and certainly adds a lot to the overall value of the service.


Final Point

Cost QuestionA comment about the cost:

You can’t find even a generic landing page service that provides this list of features at this cost.  Plus, it’s real estate specific which makes it even more attractive to Realtors who value their time.

There is a discount available on the annual plan that can drive your total cost even to lower.  See this 2017 updates page with the promo: http://postAprop/com/2017new.html   

And finally….keep in mind…postAprop offers more than landing pages.  Under one account, users can setup unlimited single property sites and even personal agent websites and blogs. At no extra cost.

Here is an example of an agent site: CLICK HERE 

That’s an appealing look.  Clean design. Modern and responsive with CTA (call-to-action) buttons to help drive traffic to the lead capture pages and generate leads.

Visit the postAprop site and watch the demo.  Click on the live example links, review the features, and look at the price.   Just the option to easily create Facebook integrated pages is worth the cost of postAprop.  It should be a clear call on how this can fit into your real estate business.  



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