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Real Estate Content Group: Facebook

Looking for high quality content in the real estate niche?  
Ideas for blogging and content marketing?  
I found a Facebook group for you.  
Many Facebook groups for agents are filled with listings, Facebook marketing tips, and agents asking for reviews on CRMs and other marketing services.  I recently found a Facebook group that is all about real estate content.   Its called the “Real Estate Bloggers” group.
Find the Facebook Group here:


They explain the group as a place to “share articles/content that are written to help buyers, sellers, or other real estate professionals!”.
I joined a while ago and found a lot of value.  Here is more from the description of the group:
Articles with titles like the ones listed below are the types of content that should be shared in this group! 
-How to interview a Realtor when selling a home
-Steps to buying your first house
-Top mortgage mistakes made when buying a house
-How to use Pinterest in real estate
-What are the best groups to join on Social Media?
Here is an example of the type of post/link you can find inside the group:

Facebook Group For Realtors

By sharing these types of articles in this group, it allows us all to have some fantastic resources to share with buyers, sellers, and other agents who may need assistance.
This is NOT a group to share your latest and greatest listing, your local market reports / community information, or to ask what the best CRM is for real estate. There are dozens of other Facebook real estate groups where you can find those type of discussions.
Definitely worth joining.  They have a strict NO-BS policy so don’t go here looking to post your listings.  It’s all about sharing content.  You’ll find links to blog posts that can inspire you.


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