RealtyJuggler Review: Inexpensive CRM

Lets just start this off with the cost.  It’s unbeatable.
RealtyJuggler will cost you only $99 for the year.  $99? Yes. that’s your total cost for the service.   Great price, right?  OK.  But does it deliver what you need in a real estate CRM?  It may very well be exactly what you need.  It certainly has an easy-to-use interface with a quick learning curve.


Our best advice?  Why not try it for 90 days at no cost (and no credit card needed to start)?  Take a test ride and see if it works for you.
An inside look at RealtyJuggler panel:
Just click on one of these large icons inside RealtyJuggler to access the feature.  To learn how to use each feature they have a series of short how to videos to explain each feature.
RealtyJuggler covers a lot of what you need with the ability to manage all of your contacts, closings, and listings.  They also offer the ability to communicate with your clients and leads via email, text, and print ad they have a library of email templates, flyers and ecards.
They offer phone support which is certainly helpful when learning a new CRM with a number of features.  After signup they’ll provide a free 1-on-1 phone training to help you get started with all of the features.
A quick summary of highlights of RealtyJuggler:
  • Contact management
  • Text notification for new leads/appointments
  • Lead tracking
  • Lead importing with an EmailFeed
  • Real estate flyer templates
  • Commission tracking 
  • Activity planning
  • Email templates and Ecard library
Importing Leads Into RealtyJuggler
RealtyJuggler provides an email blast feature which allows you to keep in touch with clients and leads but how do you import leads into your account?  You can upload CSV files.  They also give you an EmailFeed option.  This function works to import leads into RealtyJuggler with many lead capture services such as Zillow, Trulia, BoldLeads, postAprop and many others.  See a list of lead capture and website options here:
For a quick How-To-Video: Go here to see how the RealtyJuggler EmailFeed can work with the real estate landing page service at postAprop:


Here is a short video overview of RealtyJuggler:

At this price point, it’s hard to beat RealtyJuggler.   Many competitors will hit you with a cost of 5 times and more.   This service just may be a nice cost saving option for your real estate business.
At the very least, it’s certainly worth the free trial to see if it meets your needs in a real estate CRM.  Visit RealtyJuggler here: